• “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

    –Theodore Roosevelt, 26th U.S. President

  • “Court reporters are excellent, not perfect”

    -Anita Paul Johnston

  • “The easiest way to predict your future is to consciously create it.”

    -Abraham Lincoln

  • “You can be a pioneer of the future instead of a prisoner of the past.”

    -Deepak Chopra

Realtime Workshops

FINAL DATE:     Sept. 29 to Oct. 2, 2016  

Realtime Mastery Workshop at the Suncoast Hotel

in Las Vegas. $59 during the week; $99 Sat / Sun; plus $15.99 resort fee. Includes free airport shuttle.  Check out the “Court Reporter” tab above for full details.

Feel free to call Anita at 702-683-9993.

Realtime Mastery Workshops and Private Coaching

The Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Workshops™ provide a unique hands-on learning approach wherein each participant engages in advanced learning techniques to conquer conflict resolution; word boundary solutions, including prefixes and suffixes;…Read More

Effective Communication and Life Coach

Anita is committed to spark focused change in people with her positive, exquisite enthusiasm by working with individuals to guide them to mastering their desired results.Enjoy breakthrough results and overcome blind spots…Read More

Speaker and Trainer

Anita has been a professional speaker and trainer since 1993 when she created her realtime mastery workshops for court reporters. There was a huge industry need, and Anita forged ahead and simply shared her expertise with court reporters who at that time had no way to learn this emerging, necessary skill…Read More

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I just finished watching your “Peak Performance” and “Writing Shortcuts” webinars. You totally blew me away. I have to confess, I did not expect to get much out of these webinars. I know after reading your web page that you have heard this before. I am a reporter with 30+ years experience and have written realtime for half of that time. I also was a captioner for a few years.

“Not only did I learn several helpful techniques with my writing, the most valuable thing you taught me was how to handle difficult situations; i.e., the heavy accent reply, among others. I can’t wait to use that.

“It was also fascinating to me the different life coaching experiences that you shared. I plan to buy the books that you recommended and redirect some of the negative responses that I normally have to situations. You really are an extraordinary person and I would love to meet you someday. Thanks again for the wonderful experience.”    Barbara Leo