“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer



Our 2015 4-day Realtime Mastery Workshops

up to 3.0 CEUs in one weekend 

 USA Bridges California San Francisco Cities

Attend COCRA’s 2015 Spring Seminar May 9th 8:30am-4:30pm.

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Houston, TX    May 14-17, 2015

Willliamsburg, VA     June 4-7, 2015


Concord, CA     August 27 – 30, 2015

 September 17-20,  2015   Las Vegas, NV


Beginner            Intermediate           Advanced

Realtime Mastery Workshop webinars are now available!  


For the live Realtime Mastery Workshops,

you can earn up to 3.0 CEUs in one weekend!


    Invest in your future with the finest hands-on Realtime Training Worldwide. Up to 3.0 CEUs in one weekend.

       Private Coaching                 Private Realtime  Individualized Training

Private / Small / Large Group and Government Trainings in your city. 

Time payments available. Contact Anita to make arrangements.        

” The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become

the person it takes to achieve them.”       Jim Rohn


Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Seminars & Workshops ™

 with a special emphasis on how to cope, survive, and thrive during hard times

Earn up to  3.0 CEUs  in one weekend!

.75   CEUs   per day


“You can be a pioneer of the future instead of a prisoner of the past.” 


and now available:  Anita Paul Realtime Webinars

 up to 2.4 CEUs

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The easiest way to predict your future is to consciously create it.”

The court reporting profession is going through major changes. Realtime is the most vital skill to master for court reporters, as well as being the necessary foundation for CART and Broadcast Captioning.  To survive and thrive, the answer is to build your REALTIME skills.  Period. Otherwise, be prepared for an alternative career.  And earn up to 3.0 CEUs in one weekend.

“A fellow reporter was saying in the Court Reporters of Facebook group that she’d signed up for Anita Paul’s Realtime Mastery Workshop, she was excited and hoped it’d be worth it. There were many positive comments shared, and of course I shared mine! Here it is, sharing on my own page along with a picture of Anita Paul Johnston and Attorney Ed Chin, who were rock star presenters at the Washington DC reporters association annual conference when I was president: “At the time I took  Anita Paul’s Realtime Mastery class, I had been reporting 30+ years, offering realtime for a decade, had no conflicts, wrote at 99.5+ translation rate every day for years, edited quickly and easily from the writer keyboard, and wrote my own macros – all self-taught, by the way. Because of my association with the Washington DC reporters association (as president and offering my time to them), I became friends with Anita and decided to take her class even though I THOUGHT I didn’t need it. It was the most amazing experience e-v-e-r. Did I know a lot of stuff going in? Oh, yes.  Was I working under the impression that there wasn’t much more for me to learn? Oh, yes. But did I learn some AWESOME things, tips & tricks for writing, as well as ASSERTIVENESS techniques and other things? OH, YES! So even this old dog, who had the idea that I knew it all, learned a BUNCH from Anita Paul Johnston, and It was a wonderful experiece, especially her suggestions for “ergonomic writing,” that is, if a certain stroke causes you (me) difficulty, just change it to be not so difficult a reach, because the reaches we do while writing affect our whole body! And even today, I have several outfits that I wear on particularly difficult days when I know in advance I’m going to have to “channel Anita Paul Johnston,” and I wear them with pride and CONFIDENCE.”                                                     Mary Ann Payonk, Washington DC


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Realtime in action

I recently had the pleasure of attending Anita Paul’s realtime presentation at the NCCRA seminar in Sacramento. I have been writing realtime throughout my entire 20-year career both as a freelance reporter and as an official, and thought I was pretty on top of my writing. Wow, did I have a lot to learn. I have been working a lot harder than I ever needed to.  Anita’s presentation provided me with a wealth of incredibly practical realtime techniques and strategies that I wish I’d learned 20 years ago. She covered a huge amount of material in three hours, and shared her expertise and knowledge at a lively pace infused with equal doses of humor, warmth, and encouragement.  The very next day I began incorporating some of the briefs I had learned the night before because they are so intuitive and easy to adopt. I look forward to
attending Anita’s more comprehensive workshop in the not-too-distant future.
                                                                                            Dianne Coughlin, CSR, RDR, CRR   Roseville, California

Jenny says …

“I recently had the wonderful opportunity of spending three days of private realtime coaching with Anita.  I’d previously been to Anita’s seminars and had learned a great deal and had enjoyed them very much.  To have Anita personally at my side in training was a natural extension of that learning.  In a personalized way, she was able to look at my level of progress and show me where to go from there.  Now that I’m back home, I’m so excited as I am applying the knowledge and tools Anita gave me.   Her private coaching far exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a desire to become a great realtime writer.  The value was worth far more than the investment.”
                                                                                                                                                  Jennifer C. Sullivan, RPR-CCR     St. George, Utah
St. George, Utah


So HOW do you become realtime excellent?

The EASIEST and FASTEST way is to attend an exquisitely FUN Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Workshop™ in 2014. You will get EXCITED; cut editing time; increase your income by perfecting your REALTIME skills.

Anita’s Realtime Mastery Workshop is not a cost; it’s an INVESTMENT in your future.  Join the ranks of thousands of realtime reporters who have doubled (and more) their income and are enjoying exciting careers.


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“Everything you’ve ever wantged is on the other side of fear.”  George Addair


Realtime Mastery Workshops

Please note:  The workshops listed are NOT Texas approved.


What if I have never done Realtime before and I’m so new at it (rather scared)?

No worries.  This is an excellent starting point.  No one will look at your screen.

This is a very safe environment.  You will learn a strong starting point with excellent guidelines.


What if I am more advanced and want to fine-tune my editing on the fly and other techniques I might not have heard of?

We include intermediate and advanced techniques, strategies, and specifics for CART and Broadcast Captioning.  Many CRRs and captioners attend our workshop every three years.  Material is constantly updated.

Earn up to 3.0 CEUs in one weekend!  (.75 CEUs per day)

You can attend any 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or all 4 days. Time payments available (slight admin fee added).

For a complete event description

To enroll in a workshop call (702) 240-8455

Beginner            Intermediate           Advanced


 Time payment plans are available – talk to Anita directly.

(702) 240-8455


  Cities, Dates, Hotels, Etc.


Jennifer Bonfilio captioning to a Jumbotron at a stadium

Employment Outlook

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition re the Court Reporter Profession:  Employment is projected to grow by 18 percent, reflecting the demand for real-time broadcast captioning and translating.  Job opportunities should be excellent, especially for those with certifications.


  • Many new career options
  • Sound Realtime techniques and drills integrated to YOUR way of writing
  • How to handle difficult attorneys, judges, situations (and what exactly to say)
  • Fear VANISHES and disintegrates into “whiffle dust”
  • Excellent prefix and suffix applications to abolish word boundary problems
  • A rejuvenated and renewed sense of personal pride
  • Confidence and Inspiration
  • A developing path of competence
  • Easy solutions to conflicts (beginner and advanced levels)
  • Punctuation tips for realtime – beginning to advanced
  • Dictionary maintenance processes – you MUST have a clean dictionary in order to write clean realtime.
  • Up to ten ways to write alphabets, with an emphasis on three major ones for realtime proficiency
  • Number translations to look perfect
  • “Smart Strokes” or realtime techniques
  • Instant shortcuts that are EASY to remember
  • Advanced, comprehensive speaker identification techniques
  • Transition to CART and Broadcast Captioning
  • Techniques to conquer test-taking nerves
  • CRR Review and mock test
  • FUN and laughter (and yes, hard work; very strong content)
  • Writing shorter strokes for long words and phrases – absolutely
  • Do you have to brief and write shorter?  Absolutely not; writer-outers also make for excellent realtime writers.
Our basic philosophy:   Anita believes you should write YOUR way (with strong guidelines and new ideas YOU get to choose).  Build on where you are and work with your natural tendencies.

Anita offers a “smorgasbord” of choices to apply new ideas to perfect your realtime; you will NOT hear simply one way of doing things.

You will be inspired and rejuvenated to move forward in your career and in your life.

Time payments available for enrollment in an Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Workshop (small additional admin fee).  Call (702) 240-8455 to make arrangements.

  They’re here at last!   Go to www.bridgescourtreporting.com/anitapaul.php       *       www.jeffjustice.com

 or call (702) 240-8455 for more information.



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